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FRx is a few short months away from being unsupported. Spreadsheet Server is the market leader in FRx replacement. Providing live reporting and analysis from multiple ERP systems into Excel, users are empowered to work in a more comfortable environment. Spreadsheet Server leverages existing reports built with FRx, recognizes existing tree structures and eliminates the monotony of downloads.

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Discoverer Alternative

Enhance your budgeting process! Enterprise Budgeting is your all-in-one solution to effectively streamline and control your budgeting process inside Microsoft Excel. Forecast, analyze, distribute, centrally define spread methods, and much more.

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Accounting Software

Our Web-Based and AS400-Based accounting software suites are second to none.  For over three years, we have been setting the standard in accounting software for things like General Ledgers, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Cash Management, etc. with our all-in-one solutions of iSuite and iSeries.

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