Data Entry

Did your boss tell you to type the numbers in Excel again?May 04, 2016

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Don’t get me wrong, I love my job.  But seriously!  Typing data into Excel? I have to go through this routine each and every month. The first day of the month comes around and I have to print out a bunch of reports with numbers on them. I then have to sift through the twenty to thirty pages to find about two hundred numbers that I have to type into twelve different spreadsheets. I then e-mail each of the spreadsheets out to twenty-five different people with each one getting one or two of the reports. I have to do this process five to seven days in a row. Finally, the boss says that the books are closed. 

You think that would be good – NOT! 

I then spend the rest of the month looking up the details of what makes up these numbers for the twenty-five managers. Sometimes, a number takes four to five hours to research.



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