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5 Answers About Atlas Partners Wants To KnowApril 06, 2017


Attending conferences provides us the opportunity to meet several Microsoft Dynamics Consultants and Partners from around America and Europe. We had many valuable conversations with consultants which allowed us to provide information about our solution, Atlas Software, and share ideas on how we could work together. 

As an ISV, these conferences are very valuable. It not only allows us the opportunity to educate partners/consultants on our solution and how we can provide additional benefit to their customers, but more importantly we are able to meet the consultants and partners that are in the “front line” working on deals and ensuring customers are getting the best solution for their needs.

Many consultants had not seen Atlas since version 5.1 or even 3.5 and asked what is new in Atlas 6. The list is too long to type here, but there are several improvements that we discussed which proved how valuable these conferences are to help keep our consultants/partners up to date.

Here are the main questions/topics you should know about:


  • Will Atlas be compatible with Dynamics365 (AX Online / Operations or CRM Online)? 

The answer to this is YES.  WE already have several customers live on AX Online,

  • Do we compete with Microsoft Power BI?

The answer to this is NO. We do not compete with Power BI, we complement Power BI.  Atlas can get the information and reports you need out of your system and into PowerBI very easily. Atlas gives you the opportunity to build you own dashboard in Power BI and with real-live data.

  • Does Atlas work with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365?

YES, we integrate and work with Dynamics CRM.  Atlas can also pull merged reports using AX and CRM Data in the same Microsoft Excel worksheet. Atlas works with AX and CRM either they are on Prem or Cloud.  

  • Does Atlas take long to install?

NO, Atlas is installed in 30min. So, your customer can start using the software and access data from his/her Dynamics Solution right away. 

  • Do you offer trainings for our Consultants and Clients?

YES, we offer online FREE trainings. Sessions are on fridays and you can register HERE



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