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5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Microsoft Dynamics CRMApril 06, 2017


You may be a long-dated user of Microsoft Dynamics CRM or a newbie, you may not know these tidbits about Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

A new feature was recently launched: Relationship Insights enables users to constantly analyze the customer interaction data already stored through tools such as the Relationship assistant, email engagement and auto capture. This allows business to compare their previous successes.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is about one-half of the cost of Salesforce! The company offers tiered pricing options and bundled packages so you can avoid up-selling, incremental fees and add-ons. This makes it a much more cost-effective tool than its competitor.

  • Its business intelligence is a simple-to-use, single analytics solution. It helps extract and transform data into meaningful data visualizations.

  • Is the platform truly "dynamic"? It leverages the complete Microsoft offering, including the SQL server stack. This makes integration and maintenance easier, reducing time and costs for the organization.

  • It has a tool to that helps to predict maintenanceConnected Field Service is a new tool that "continuously monitors IoT-enabled devices for anomalies through alerts that trigger automated actions or service tickets and workflow according to service level agreements".

Use Your Knowledge

Now that you know a few things about Microsoft Dynamics CRM that you may not have known, why not use your new knowledge to your advantage. If your organization is currently using the platform, be sure it understands these items and uses them. If you are not using the platform, make the suggestion to your organization as it could help the company become more profitable.



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