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How to Use Atlas Automation Tool and Microsoft FlowApril 06, 2017


With Atlas 6.1, you can program an automated refresh of reports, choosing the time and date that suits you, have it refreshed in the background or refresh on-demand. Reports can be saved where you want them, including OneDrive, and then consumed in refreshable Power BI dashboards. You can visualize real-time business information with Atlas, in Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint) or in Power BI. 

Would you like to receive your up-to-date report directly in your mailbox when you need it?

With Atlas 6.1, you can program and have a report refreshed at the time and date that suits you send to your Mailbox or your team/boss mailboxes. How to do that? You can combine Atlas Automation tool and Microsoft Flow to receive your up-to-date report directly in your mailbox.



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