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Did your boss tell you to type the numbers in Excel again?May 04, 2016

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Did your boss tell you to type the numbers in Excel again?

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job.  But seriously!  Typing data into Excel? I have to go through this routine each and every month. The first day of the month comes around and I have to print out a bunch of reports with numbers on them. I then have to sift through the twenty to thirty pages to find about two hundred numbers that I have to type into twelve different spreadsheets. I then e-mail each of the spreadsheets out to twenty-five different people with each one getting one or two of the reports. I have to do this process five to seven days in a row. Finally, the boss says that the books are closed. 

You think that would be good – NOT! 

I then spend the rest of the month looking up the details of what makes up these numbers for the twenty-five managers. Sometimes, a number takes four to five hours to research.


Excel reporting confidence

With Spreadsheet Server, there is a better way.

Spreadsheet Server is an add-in to Excel that will give your existing spreadsheets direct access to your “live” data with drill-down capabilities. You update all your current spreadsheets with the Excel-based Spreadsheet Server functions one time and they become real-time reports thereafter. Going forward, you open up the spreadsheet and all the numbers automatically update. 

The Distribution Manager feature of the tool will then send out those dozen or so reports to your twenty-five managers on an automated basis. If any of the managers have a question on any number, they can right-click with their mouse on the number and drill into the “live” data for balances, journal entries, AP invoices, images, etc. Now that you are not wasting all of your time with meaningless tasks, you can concentrate on building those monthly forecasts and customer profitability reports. 

You will be so glad that you have Spreadsheet Server helping close the books that you can’t wait to tell your friends about it. 

Simplify your life today with Spreadsheet Server!!!


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