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Do you like getting your hands dirty digging for data?May 04, 2016

Data Drilldown, Data Queries, Spreadsheet Server

Do you like getting your hands dirty digging for data?

There are lots of tools out there that say they can drill into data. All you have to do is become a database specialist and learn all of your data tables and fields and how everything is joined.  After that, you have to become a programmer and learn how to write SQL. In addition, you have to become a report writing expert and learn a new report writing system that is clear as mud.

Once you have designed and built your report, you have to figure out how to deliver it to your end users. Finally, the end user will run this new report and be able to drill down into the data.

That is a lot of work to be able to drill down into data.

clean hands digging for data automatically

With Spreadsheet Server, all you have to do is open an Excel spreadsheet and right-click into a cell with your mouse to drill into data.

Spreadsheet Server is an add-in to Excel that gives your spreadsheets direct access to your "live" data with drill-down capabilities. You simply enter the parameters that you are looking for on the report such as company, business unit, and account number and Spreadsheet Server will grab that information automatically for you. With Spreadsheet Server, you do not need to know databases, SQL, or hard-to-use report writers. You can use your existing Excel spreadsheets along with Spreadsheet Server formulas and you are good to go

Drill into data today with Spreadsheet Server and keep your hands clean so they be used for something better!!!


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Global Software, Inc. is the leading provider of Microsoft Excel-based automation & reporting software solutions to enhance the world’s foremost Business Intelligence (BI), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and operational platforms. The Company’s flagship offering, Spreadsheet Server streamlines data analytic processes and bridge the operational gap between Company data and reporting, resulting in timely and cost saving secure financial and operational reporting, budgeting, and automated report delivery.

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