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Follow Global to the CloudMay 04, 2016

Cloud-Based Reporting, Future of Technology, Easily Accessible Data, Readily Available Data, Spreadsheet Server

To a lot of us, the cloud is a magical place where, for example, our music, videos and documents are stored. We don’t know how the cloud works, where the cloud is, or even what the cloud does – we only know that when we want to hear our favorite music, it’s always available! Put simply, the cloud is a hip term for something that has the characteristics of a desktop application with the accessibility of a web site. And it’s this valuable combination of traits that has given the cloud it’s well deserved hype!

Here are a few reasons why:
  1. Scalability:  Cloud infrastructure allows for easier growth versus a private dedicated server.
  2. Device and location independent:  Content can be accessed anywhere, from any device!
  3. Up to date:  Users are always current with latest enhancements and functionality, eliminating the time and resource commitments required to schedule installations and upgrades.
  4. Collaboration:  When information is shared quickly and seamlessly, there is a natural increase in communication and collaboration.
  5. Ever-present:  Data is literally at your fingertips – it’s accessible any place, any time!
  6. Spreadsheet Accessibility: Ability to leverage Excel look and feel in the Cloud  

Things evolve quickly in technology; it’s in the interest of Global Software, Inc.'s to continue to enhance and execute on our technology roadmap for the future. We are always researching and exploring new platforms to expand on our flagship offering, Spreadsheet Server! Spreadsheet Server Cloud has been introduced to work hand in hand with its on premise predecessor!

The one thing about the future of technology that we do know is that nothing beats having the data you need when you need it.

I’m on board.


Scott Bickford

Scrum Master | Global Software, Inc.

Scott Bickford leads the Agile development process for Global Software's R&D teams. With nearly 10 years of experience at Global Software, he has a strong comprehension of Global's products. His background gives him the unique understanding of the user experience, as well as the nuts and bolts that make the products work. He is proficient in .Net, SQL, Salesforce integration, and is a Certified Scrum Master.

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