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Interested in partnering with Global Software, Inc.? January 14, 2014


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Here at Global, we are proud to have over 120 partners. Our partner's do a great job of representing our brand and products in countries all over the world. For the past two years, TeamCain has been awarded Global Software's Partner of the Year. TeamCain, a Premier JD Edwards® and PeopleSoft® Consulting and Value Add Solution Provider, has been a tremendous asset to Global's partner program. Check out what they have to say about our product, Spreadsheet Server .

Want to find out more about our world-class partner program? Check out the four partnership levels that Global has to offer:

  • First Level: “Certified Partnership”— CP's are organizations that have built their ERP practice with expertise and resource capable of executing at a premium level in all aspects of our CP program. These partners provide demonstration resource, implementation expertise, and a support mechanism. They also provide Microsoft Excel Automation best practices and consulting to their respective client bases all based around our flagship Spreadsheet Server Powered by the QueryExchange application and our Automation Road Map Strategy.
  • Second Level: “Consultant Partnership”— Consultant Partners are much like CP's, but use Global Software, Inc. resources to conduct demonstrations, implementations and application/technical support of products.
  • Third Level: “Technology Partnership” — Technology Partners integrate their existing applications and solutions into the Global Software, Inc. Microsoft Excel Automation platform.
  • Fourth Level: “Referral Partnership” — Referral Partners are a select group of vendors that specifically focus on helping identify and generate new leads and customer referrals for Global Software, Inc.'s direct sales force. Partners who identify and refer net-new business opportunities are eligible to earn referral fees.

Think you qualify to be a Global partner? Learn more about the program benefits here.

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