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A Quick Interview with Tonya Cannady, Chief Sales OfficerApril 05, 2018


half a dozen questions with tonya cannady

  2. As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
    I always wanted to be a teacher or a coach. Fortunately my role today allows me to be both to my employees.

    What does your typical workday look like?
    My day is a constant flow of communication, engaging with customers, partners, employees, and colleagues.  There aren’t many moments of the day that I’m not speaking to someone. It makes each day different. I can be a bit of an impatient person sometimes, so the constant communication and interaction definitely energizes me. 

    Have you always worked in the software industry?
    I actually started out in telecommunication sales. That first job involved outside sales, driving business to business. It was a lot of hardcore cold-calling. At the time, telecommunications was a very competitive industry, and my experience there laid a great foundation to build on once I came to Global.

    How do you like to motivate your colleagues?
    I feel that a good employee is motivated intrinsically.  But I also believe in recognizing great efforts and creating a forum in which peers set standards for one another.  I’ve found that there’s no better motivator than a bar set by a peer.  My style of motivation is to support the team in whatever they need, to foster an environment which makes it easy for them to do their jobs. It’s important to remind them that their success first stemmed from what they didn’t think was feasible, built from the little accomplishments they’ve made along the way.

    What is the most enduring lesson you’ve learned so far in your career?
    I like a challenge, and when I’m told that something cannot be accomplished, that ends up being a complete motivator for me. I become a bit obsessive about proving the opposite: how something can be accomplished. Equally important lessons include not taking things personally and realizing that some people are better communicators than others.

    What’s the best piece of career advice you’ve received?
    “Don’t ride the roller coaster!” I was given this piece of advice by an owner when I was promoted to president of his technology training and consulting business at 30 years old.  It reminds me that there will always be things that occur outside of your control; how you react to these situations is the key.  On a daily basis, I strive to focus on those areas where I can make the greatest impact.


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