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Pointers to Prepare For Your End of Financial Year CloseJuly 19, 2017


tips and tricks to a better financial year close

The second half of 2017 is the perfect time to start planning for your year-end financial reporting. You likely already have a good idea of what information you need to collect. Most companies typically have a number of different reports required in order to ensure they have the most updated information. This can often be time-consuming, especially if it involves manual manipulation and re-keying.

So how can you make your reporting efforts more automated?

Supercharge Your Data in Excel

Atlas for Microsoft Dynamics AX/365 and Spreadsheet Server are reporting platforms that take your data and join it into one location, making it easier to create all the financial reports you need with the exact information you require. With both Spreadsheet Server and Atlas, you can design, build and share reports easily and effectively via Microsoft Excel, eliminating the need to go to multiple sources to get the information needed to compile the report.

Spreadsheet Server and Atlas help prepare your year-end reporting by allowing you to:

1. Pull data from different areas of your ERP to gather the appropriate business intelligence for compiling effective and accurate financial reports;

2. Review live data that can be refreshed at any time for the latest numbers;

3. Combine data from anywhere, at any time, no matter what platform, to compile any report needed;

4. Create templates for future reporting needs; and

5. Publish reports from Spreadsheet Server or Atlas anywhere and anytime to ensure you can provide the most updated information for all of your report needs.

Back to the Future

As you begin to plan how you can effectively and efficiently close out the end of the year, consider putting Spreadsheet Server or Atlas for Microsoft Dynamics to work on your data. These tools will enable you to pull accurate reports at a moment’s notice. Each also eliminates the need to pull from multiple platforms, reduces the time it takes to complete reports, and maximizes the total return on investment for your company.

Curious how Atlas and Spreadsheet Server can perform on your data? Request more information today!


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