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Solve The Biggest Problems With Microsoft Dynamic AX ReportingApril 06, 2017


If you are like many companies, you may be in the process of or have already implemented Microsoft Dynamics to help streamline your organization. While this is a great decision, there can be a learning curve involved when using Microsoft Dynamics, particularly when it comes to the reporting function.
Getting Over the Reporting Hump

While some people may feel they need an engineering degree to navigate through the Microsoft Dynamics reporting system, there are a number of solutions that can help. Using business intelligence software that is compatible with Dynamics is the easiest way to overcome these training issues, ensuring your team can fully access the platform's capabilities. The Atlas Solution, Excel and Office add-in are just a few of the solutions that can help.

Atlas Excel Add-In

The Atlas Excel add-in enables users to fully maximize the reporting capabilities in Dynamics to effectively use real-time data to create powerful reports for internal and external parties. This app is fully integrated into all Microsoft Office environments, enabling you to upload data from any tables from Dynamics AX, CRM or 365 and data sources.

The Atlas app, an Office and Excel add-in is completely user-friendly, eliminating the need for complex training. You start in Excel, you stay in Excel. With Atlas, you navigate a Dynamics table and create your own report. You don't need the IT department to build your report — you can do it yourself.

Additionally, it is fully integrated with Power BI, which gives everyone in your organization access to the same information to make more informed business decisions and to enhance the sales process.Atlas6_for_Excel-1.jpg

With Atlas you can easily:

  • Quickly produce impactful reports using the Office applications your team is using to minimize training,
  • Drill-down for real-time data,
  • Import, change or create new data from Excel to Dynamics AX, CRM or 365,
  • Collaborate across the organization, cross-team and among multiple individuals to ensure everyone has access to the reports created,
  • Keep the Dynamics AX, CRM or 365 authorization structure.

The fact is, the reporting possibilities are endless.


Go to the Front of the Line

If your organization is using Microsoft Dynamics, you should consider using a business intelligence software tool such as Atlas. Office and Excel add-in to enhance the reporting capabilities available. In doing so, you will speed up the learning process and enable your organization to communicate, collaborate and share real-time data to help foster a healthier bottom line for your company. It's a win/win situation for everyone involved.




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