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Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM To Manage Online Customer RelationshipsApril 06, 2017


Managing customer relationships is key to growing your business's return on investment.

In fact, studies show that revenues can increase up to 41 percent per salesperson when an effective CRM application is implemented. Additionally, the lead conversion rate improves by more than 300 percent and customer retention increases by 27 percent.

With such impactful ROI numbers, have you considered using a CRM application to manage your online customer relationships? If not, you should, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM should be at the top of your list of applications to consider.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Benefits

Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM is exactly that — dynamic. No pun intended. It enables you to use real-time data in one place so when you reach out to an account, you have the most accurate information. No more fumbling from program to program to find out who spoke to your contact last and what was said. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you have everything you need right at your fingertips.


Additionally, the application has unprecedented reporting tools that provide you with customer satisfaction trend information. Are you meeting your customers' needs? Are they happy with the service they are getting? Is your team responsive? All of this information is at your disposal so you can effectively make changes as needed to ensure your customers are satisfied, ultimately fostering a healthier bottom line for your organization.

The best part is that you are able to pull any data from anywhere and create compelling reports that help you enhance your customer relationships, enabling your organization to surpass its competition and be more successful.

Enhance Your CRM Efforts

The fact is, if you haven't thought about implementing a CRM application such as Microsoft Dynamics, you need to stop thinking and start acting. Your team and organization are missing out on too many benefits to their online customer relationships to wait any longer.




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