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About the Company

As a non-profit American performing rights organization headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, BMI represents over 400,000 composers, songwriters and music publishers, in every genre of music. BMI has expanded to seven facilities across the United States, since opening its doors in 1939. BMI prides itself on the highest quality of performing rights representation for songwriters and composers, and strives to provide the business and broadcast communities with a music catalog of unique and lasting value.


Situation & Strategy

Case Study Strategy: 

Prior to implementation, the BMI accounting team had been producing time-consuming reports through manual entry of financial data into Excel. Due to the growth of the company, the accounting department found the need for a timely, reliable, and accurate solution for financial reporting and analysis. Spreadsheet Server for use with Oracle® gave them something to sing about! The application provides BMI the ability to quickly produce several financial statements, such as balance sheet reviews and tenure reports, that their previous financial reporting and analysis package was incapable of executing.

Software Implementation

Case Study Software: 

Spreadsheet Server converts Excel into a tightly integrated analytical tool for any ERP system. Users can leverage the strength of their spreadsheets with seamless dynamic integration to their information, along with powerful drilldown capability to the lowest level of detail. It allows users to build a range of reports from simple ad hoc workbooks to complex dashboard-type views of critical business data.

Distribution Manager automates the distribution of reports from Microsoft® Excel.


Case Study Results: 
  • Fast implementation and training for intuitive, user-friendly products
  • Transformed manual, time-consuming report generation to automated reporting and distribution
  • Less reliance on internal IT
  • Unlimited access to Global Software support

In a Nutshell

Case Study Summary: 

Spreadsheet Server’s intelligent, dynamic access to Oracle® GL data within the familiar confines of Microsoft® Excel, eliminates the rekeying process and cuts the development of financial statement reports from hours to minutes.

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