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Gate Petroleum Case Study

About the Company

As a non-profit founded in 1960, Gate Petroleum Company began as a single service station in Florida and later diversified into construction materials, manufacturing plants, clubs and resorts, real estate, and development, and various other enterprises. Gate operates eight precast concrete plants, four private clubs and several real estate holdings throughout the Southeast. In addition, the company operates 225 state-of-the-art service stations which is still their core business. Gate has consistently been able to outperform larger, stronger companies with its sophistication and automation.

Situation & Strategy

Case Study Strategy: 

Prior to the deployment of Spreadsheet Server, Gate Petroleum was wrestling with its current financial management and a complicated monthly reporting process. In 2004, Gate integrated Spreadsheet Server into their financial operations. In 2015, Gate added JD Edwards as component to their data storage. Managing the general ledger became instantaneously simplified. Spreadsheet Server allows Gate to generate reports and directly extract the information they need faster and at less cost than previously.

Software Implementation

Case Study Software: 

Spreadsheet Server converts Excel into a tightly integrated analytical tool for any ERP system. Users can leverage the strength of their spreadsheets with seamless dynamic integration to their information, along with powerful drilldown capability to the lowest level of detail. It allows users to build a range of reports from simple ad hoc workbooks to complex dashboard type views of critical business data.

Budget Accelerator allows your organization to streamline and control your budgeting process, ensuring timeliness, accuracy, and consistency of your budgets. Leveraging the popularity of the Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet as a budget building tool, Budget Accelerator requires less time accumulating your budget detail meaning.

Distribution Manager automates the distribution of reports from Microsoft® Excel.


Case Study Results: 
  • Time expended to produce monthly reports reduced from 1.5 days to less than 30 minutes
  • Report distribution efficiency transitioned from a multi-step process to one click.
  • Less reliance on internal IT
  • Unlimited access to Global Software support

In a Nutshell

Case Study Summary: 

Encouraged by being able to work in Microsoft® Excel without IT assistance, people started generating their own reports with a newfound creativity. By maximizing the user field in Infinium, Gate extended reporting down to the supervisor level which resulted in fast and accurate daily business decisions.

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