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National Heritage Academies

About the Company

J.C. Huizenga founded the National Heritage Academies, Inc. (NHA) in 1995 originally inspired by the birth of his son. He knew he wanted to create a voluntary enrollment school system revolving around basic business principles. Huizenga also sought after a public, tuition-free learning environment that would be held accountable for its learning environment and be more results oriented. The original academy, which opened its doors in September of 1995, was called the Excel Charter Academy and operated around the four pillars of: academic excellence, moral focus, parental partnership and student responsibility. After housing 174 students originally, the NHA is now one of the fastest growing public charter school management companies in the United States and houses over 50,000 students annually.

Situation & Strategy

Case Study Strategy: 

Prior to using Spreadsheet Server, NHA’s reporting system relied heavily on the IT department to build all reports and queries through Lawson Business Intelligence. The accounting team decided they wanted to enable their users to be more independent and relieve the IT burden. NHA knew they needed a solution to improve how time consuming the process was to generate a report, to increase the efficiency of their reporting system, and a way to remove the step of continuously going back into Lawson to drill around for necessary data.

Software Implementation

Case Study Software: 

Spreadsheet Server converts Excel into a tightly integrated analytical tool for any ERP system. Users can leverage the strength of their spreadsheets with seamless dynamic integration to their information, along with powerful drilldown capability to the lowest level of detail. It allows users to build a range of reports from simple ad hoc workbooks to complex dashboard-type views of critical business data.

Distribution Manager automates the distribution of reports from Microsoft® Excel.


Case Study Results: 
  • Reduced time expended to produce a single report per school - making the process 91% faster
  • Spreadsheet Server removed many steps, including drilling down within Lawson repeatedly
  • Unlimited access to Global Software support via support line, email and WebEx

In a Nutshell

Case Study Summary: 

National Heritage Academies is able to use Spreadsheet Server for use with Lawson for creating all of their monthly reports and for automating sending them to each school directly. Getting ACH payments to vendors has become a hassle-free task and NHA is now able to connect tables themselves in order to get more in-depth information. They can now access data from the General Ledger all the way to AP invoice description, which was not even an option previously.

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