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Old Second Bancorp

About the Company

Since their first charter in 1871, Old Second Bancorp has grown to be one of Illinois’ leading financial institutions. They began with one location in Aurora, Illinois, and have now reached surrounding areas with 3 additional banking companies at over 30 locations, employing over 550 full time employees. They offer a variety of services including personal banking, business banking and wealth management, as well as mortgage services, which are offered through the Old Second Mortgage Company. Old Second Bancorp continues to strive to offer utmost quality for their customers, while maintaining equal attention to community involvement and maximizing shareholder value.

Situation & Strategy

Case Study Strategy: 

Because of their immense growth over the past century, Old Second’s accounting team found a distinct need for a faster, more reliable financial reporting application. They needed a solution that would simplify their monthly, quarterly and yearly closings. In less than three weeks from its introduction, the Spreadsheet Server was evaluated and purchased. Within the next month, it had been implemented and the Old Second Bancorp accounting team had closed out their first month using Spreadsheet Server for use with Jack Henry™ which yielded positive results.

Software Implementation

Case Study Software: 

Spreadsheet Server converts Excel into a tightly integrated analytical tool for any ERP system. Users can leverage the strength of their spreadsheets with seamless dynamic integration to their information, along with powerful drilldown capability to the lowest level of detail. It allows users to build a range of reports from simple ad hoc workbooks to complex dashboard-type views of critical business data.

Distribution Manager automates the distribution of reports from Microsoft® Excel.


Case Study Results: 
  • Fast implementation and training for intuitive, user-friendly products
  • Increased accuracy by using one-line segment database across numerous reports
  • Consolidated 4+ step process into an integrated product solution

In a Nutshell

Case Study Summary: 

Upon implementation, the accounting team recognized significant improvements in the reporting process. Spreadsheet Server improves the integrity of the data by eliminating manual data entry. Not only is production of reports more up-to-date and easier, but the capabilities that Spreadsheet Server for use with Jack Henry™ offers have vastly improved the analysis of the reports produced.

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