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Atlas for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Transform your business with Atlas and Microsoft Dynamics 365

Atlas for Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows users to create powerful reports with drill-down in Excel using live ERP data. Atlas provides one platform to consolidate data from key business systems into a single report, eliminating the need for manual re-keying or downloading of data into Excel. Users can seamlessly access Microsoft Dynamics data in the cloud or on-premise. Take advantage of integration features that enable you to design, build, and share real-time reporting in Excel spreadsheets, and visualize the data using Power BI or customizable Atlas dashboards.


Atlas dynamics 365 reporting software Up-to-the-minute Reporting Data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 in Excel

Boost your reporting structure with Atlas:

  • Eliminate manual processes – Say goodbye to re-keying data. With Atlas, easily create dynamic reports from any Office app that can be refreshed on demand, or when the value in a linked cell is changed
  • Report, change, and write-back with ease - Reports generated using Atlas can also include templates that enable you to easily upload data back into your ERP system. These templates can then can be saved for later use.
  • Seamlessly blend business data with your Office 365 Suite - Atlas is completely integrated with the Office 365 environment. Use Atlas to seamlessly insert live data from Microsoft Dynamics into financial reports, contracts, PowerPoint presentations, letters, emails, and more.
  • Combine your reporting data like never before - Have data in multiple locations? Atlas allows you to bring together data from a number of enterprise data sources into a single report.
  • Refresh each report on demand – Refresh one or more Atlas workbooks in the background and continue using Excel without interruptions.
  • Drill down to the details - The Atlas Sidebar provides an experience that’s sophisticated, not complicated. The Sidebar allows you to tailor reports to meet the needs of any project, and drill down to the fine-tuned details. Choose between a sidebar or a full visualization canvas to display more detailed figures behind what you see.
  • Save more time with snippets - Frequently used report definitions can be saved as snippets and reused later. Then, boost productivity by saving these templates into libraries that can be shared with other team members.
  • Access your data anytime, anywhere - Publish your existing Atlas reports to Office 365, OneDrive, and Power BI so that you can get the information you need, anytime, from anywhere.

prioritize dynamics 365task and templates Organize a workflow

Prioritize tasks and form a batch, and execute templates in the order specified. You can use this feature to automate dependent workflows without changing permissions already set by the host system.


leverage dynamics 365 journal features Leverage powerful journal features

Atlas provides a journal feature to simplify interaction with your Dynamics 365 system. Journals are validated and inserted using the same mechanisms you’d use in 365 directly. Use the Atlas journal function to:

  • Load opening balances, open sales and purchasing orders, and view asset balances
  • Load budget transactions into a new model
  • Load data from an external system and enter it in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations



microsoft dynamics 365 data is safe and secure Stay secure

When using Atlas for Dynamics 365, your data stays secure. Microsoft’s Common Data Model encrypts information at rest, and keeps the same permissions and controls intact for any data you access within Atlas.


atlas works hand in hand with existing bi tools Complement your Power BI Experience

Atlas streamlines your Power BI experience. It offers one toolset that controls all the parameters relating to your data and the way you would like it to be presented.


Atlas is used by 4,500+ customers all over the world...


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"It was a tremendous time saver" Michele Foster from Depomed Inc.

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The Atlas reporting tool comes equipped with an easy to use delivery system to get those reports

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