Data Agent Server

Intelligent Workflow Automation Tool

Data Agent Server (DAS) is a workflow automation tool that incorporates event-based notification, data integration and process automation capabilities. This provides the powerful solution businesses need for exchanging information across the patchwork of software applications, legacy systems, and custom-built programs that handle day-to-day business transactions.


Event-Based Notifications with Automation CapabilitiesEvent-Based Notifications with Automation Capabilities

Most organizations maintain vast amounts of detailed data about the business in several disparate database applications, causing them to have very limited access to timely integrated, actionable information. Data Agent Server can monitor all data applications for specified business activities and deliver an integrated, contextual view of the required information. This allows users to make informed decisions and take intelligent actions.


Empower Users with a Tool that DeliversEmpower Users with a Tool that Delivers

  • Data Update Agent- Maps fields from one database to another, such as e-commerce transaction and order management systems to get a more consistent, current business record
  • Email Agents- Automatically initiate the appropriate email to the relevant recipients when database activity occurs. Examples are notifying a customer when an order has shipped with a personal greeting, tracking number, and other relevant data
  • Printing Agent- Automatically personalizes customer communications with embedded data fields, and print them based on your scheduling parameters. Open up a universe of possibilities, from thanking new customers for their orders to matching special promotions to customer purchase behavior.



DAS Plays Well with OthersDAS Plays Well with Others

Developed with open technologies and supported by a library of plug-in modules, DAS acts as a universal interface to other applications– monitoring databases, consolidating data entry, automating tasks and communicating with the necessary people via email or cellular device. DAS automates processes that reduce delivery cycle time and accelerate revenue.


Intelligent AgentsIntelligent Agents

  • ODBC & OLEDB Monitor
  • Data Update Agent
  • File Monitor Agent
  • File Update Agent
  • FTP Monitor/Access
  • SQL Executive Agent
  • Email Agent
  • Scripting Agent
  • Run Program Agent
  • Run Process Agent
  • Query Agent


Technical Requirements

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