Discoverer Report Replacement

Discoverer Report Replacement

Spreadsheet Server’s QueryDesigner facilitates rapid conversion of Oracle Discoverer data, making it spreadsheet ready.  Applying our Dynamic Spreadsheet Methodology (DSM) through Smart Parameters gives the business user the ability to filter data individually, by ranges or by groups of data, and automates the use of wildcards without additional programming.  With Spreadsheet Server’s QueryDesigner, Oracle Discoverer Report data can be efficiently and securely extracted and used within Microsoft Excel, allowing the users the ultimate Oracle experience.  This makes Spreadsheet Server the ideal Discoverer replacement.

Whether utilizing Oracle Discoverer, BI Publisher or other reporting tools, the report data can be seamlessly converted into Microsoft Excel.  Global Software, Inc.’s Spreadsheet Server includes the robust and powerful QueryDesigner for report conversion.  Within Excel users can intuitively create summary or detail reports and dashboards with dynamic drill down capabilities from summary data.  Distribution Manager allows these reports to be easily and quickly delivered via email or copied to portal locations in addition to having the ability to burst data to the recipient when needed.


Benefits of Replacing Discoverer Reports with Spreadsheet Server:

Leverage Existing Objects: Many times custom database objects such as Views, Materialized Views, or Custom Tables have been created to support the Discoverer reports.  These objects can easily be utilized by selecting the desired database connection and selecting the object for use.  Once the connection is selected columns, parameters, and calculated columns are added and aliased as appropriate within minutes.  Sorting, grouping, and distinct values are a mouse click away.   Additional objects can be added and SQL statements automatically generated simply by dragging and dropping the joins.

Chunking Discoverer Data: The Discoverer report generates complex SQL that can be split into smaller chunks of data.  Spreadsheet Servers allows the ability to get the smaller chunks of data and dynamically merge it within the spreadsheet.  Combining Microsoft Excel functionality with the ability to quickly retrieve the Oracle data can allow users to determine which chunks of data are desired.  With this method the performance and Oracle user experience can be greatly enhanced.

Dynamic Summary Data: QueryDesigner has the option to create an aggregate summary based on the detail data of the query.  This allows the report consumer to choose how to aggregate the data by summing, averaging, counting or retrieving a min or max value against the detail data as resulted from the parameter selection.  The user then has immediate drill down to the detail that made up the aggregate data directly from the spreadsheet.  This eliminates the need for multiple versions of the same data and allows for dynamic creation of dashboard reports.

QueryExchange: Many Discoverer reports can be replaced with one of our Oracle SmartPak queries from QueryExchange.  It provides a library of pre-built queries across Oracle modules.  These can be downloaded and adjusted for your business needs such as adding descriptive flex fields or other personalization’s.  

Technical Requirements

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