FSG Report Replacement with Spreadsheet Server

Oracle Financial Statement Generator - FSG Alternative


Spreadsheet Server allows for Financial Statement Generator (FSG) reports to be run directly in Microsoft Excel without having to perform any exports. Not only does Spreadsheet Server replace the need to run reports inside Oracle E-Business Suite then push to Excel, it also provides full drill down to balances, journals and sub ledger information immediately within Excel. This makes Spreadsheet Server the ultimate FSG alternative.


Benefits of Replacing FSG Reports with Spreadsheet Server:

Enhance Processes with FSG Conversion: Through the Spreadsheet Server for use with Oracle FSG conversion utility, FSG setups are determined and instantly applied to Excel. Dynamic drill down to the details supporting the FSG reports is accessible immediately for increased productivity and efficiency. By making an FSG interactive through the dynamic drill down, decisions can be made rapidly with the assurance that the data being extracted in the FSG is accurate and secure. By leveraging Spreadsheet Server as an effective FSG replacement, Accounting and Finance departments can streamline and improve their reconciliation processes while using secured data.

Intuitive FSG Modifications & Distribution: Should there be a need to modify the financial statement, it isn’t necessary to return to Oracle E-Business Suite. Make the change in Excel, then create automatic distributions to all users with the use of Distribution Manager. Within minutes, an FSG can be modified and shared, all from the familiar confines of Microsoft Excel.

Leverage Existing Reports: Spreadsheet Server is the ideal Oracle FSG Alternative.  In addition to using FSG’s previously defined reports, in moments any financial statement can be created in Excel using the power and flexibility of Spreadsheet Server. Upon login, Spreadsheet Server will apply the security previously configured within Oracle based on the user’s responsibility.  This instantly provides access into the chart of accounts based on that security setting and provides lists of values for segment data. Within minutes, an Income Statement, Balance Sheet, budget to actual by department, or Cash Flow statement can be created. Any spreadsheet that has been defined can be turned into an interactive, financial statement by adding our proprietary Spreadsheet Server formulas, thereby creating a drillable financial statement.  

Create anything! Using Spreadsheet Server allows the Accounting & Finance team to leverage what has already been created in an FSG, make it dynamic and drillable as well as create whatever type of report is necessary. All of this functionality can be accomplished in the most commonly used application in the world, Microsoft Excel.

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