Confidence for Error-Free Spreadsheets with Excel Auditing Software

Business moves at the speed of data, and on the confidence that data is correct. Using SheetRight, you have total assurance that every cell and every formula in your workbook is correct. SheetRight combines powerful error detection with investigative capabilities to comprehensively analyze spreadsheets, reduce errors, and restore confidence. Eliminate hours of manual spreadsheet checks with SheetRight’s rapid results and superior accuracy, and know that you are making the right decisions based on the correct data.


Sheetright spreadsheet auditing computer screenProtect and Improve Your Data using SheetRight

  • Comprehends even the most complex spreadsheets in seconds.
  • Clearly identifies and highlights potential errors and inconsistencies.
  • Extensive formula analysis with color-coded results for easy checking.
  • Valuable overviews of all formulas, links to external files, constant cells, formulas referring to other worksheets, hidden sheets, inconsistent analysis, and more!

created for every spreadsheetCreated for Every Spreadsheet User Around the World

Finance teams aren’t the only ones who need assurance that their spreadsheets are correct. SheetRight is perfect for anyone who builds a spreadsheet and needs to maintain confidence that their data, formulas, and calculations are without error. This includes actuaries, engineers, economists, biologists, mathematicians, scientists, and marketers, just to name a few.


accurate reports using sheetright


Enjoy better decision making, enhanced user efficiency, and better quality reports with SheetRight’s Excel-based auditing capabilities.


"I have been using SheetRight for about a year now and not a single error has occurred during that period. Acting on the right information is worth more than the cost of a license. Analyzing a spreadsheet takes little time and any error can be spotted in an instant."

- Peter Kluijtmans, Stichting Woonbedrijf



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