Spreadsheet Analyst

Dramatically Improve Reporting Performance

Spreadsheet Analyst is a business analytics tool specifically designed to analyze your valuable enterprise data. This enables customized reporting, with the highest level of insight and capabilities, within Microsoft Excel.


Faster ReportingFaster Reporting Through your Data Warehouse

The key differentiator between Spreadsheet Server and Spreadsheet Analyst is that Analyst is a template-based vs a formula -driven Excel report, and that Analyst leverages a summarized data warehouse for optimum performance.


Take Control of Your ReportingTake Control of Your Reporting

Spreadsheet Analyst is a “must have” when it comes to your day-to-day report building. It helps the finance department produce and deliver the monthly management report pack within mere hours of the ledger closing, thus saving you a significant amount of time. Add quality and ensure accuracy of your financial reports.


Reporting DecisionsMake More Informed Reporting Decisions

With the power of Spreadsheet Analyst, you can:

  • Leverage Excel knowledge – Use your existing Microsoft Excel skills
  • Be more efficient- Increase business agility with reduced consolidating and reporting cycles
  • Add value to reporting- Generate information-rich reports across numerous cost centers or business entities
  • Optimize your intelligence- Create any type of report, at varying levels
  • Organize- Strategically consolidate reporting, budgeting, forecasting and business planning information
  • The full package- From out-of-the box capabilities to fully customizable functionality, Spreadsheet Analyst eases managing of critical data
  • Distribute - Arrange data in Workbook Generator to ease report distribution to key personnel

Distribution BonusDistribution Bonus

Spreadsheet Analyst offers an optional Excel-based distribution tool called Workbook Generator. Distribute pivotal files and information to anyone who needs it right away.



Technical Requirements

View a listing of Technical Requirements for Spreadsheet Analyst.