reporting tool for blue link software

Spreadsheet Server for use with Blue Link ERP

Real-Time Accounting Reporting Tool for Blue Link ERP

Blue Link ERP has a long standing reputation of high quality inventory management and accounting software for small to medium business. Spreadsheet Server offers a complement to Blue Link that provides the user organizations (primarily wholesalers and distributors) live access to various data in Excel.


Spreadsheet Server Spreadsheet Server for Blue LinkAutomate your Blue Link ERP reporting process

  • Save time and effort – Significantly reduce the time spent on tasks in financial and operational reporting. Inventory and closing books will faster and easier
  • Use what you know – Leverage your existing Excel skills to increase productivity
  • Create any report – Spreadsheet Server allows users to design simple workbooks and dashboard views of Blue Link data including financial, wholesale, retail and distribution
  • Go beyond printing – Automatically generate pre-formatted Excel reports in Word, PDF or HTML
  • Make better business management decisions – Replace downloading, re-keying or manual manipulation of Blue Link balance or transaction level data allowing better visibility into your business
  • Use any combination – Wild cards, ranges, segment lists, or groups & sets can be used to retrieve any combination of accounts and placed into a single spreadsheet row
  • Create custom drill downs - Drill down in to any data. For example, access the underlying sales history tables for GL transactions from posted sales invoices
  • Empower users - Eliminate the requirement for IT to create or change reports
  • Deploy seamlessly - Enjoy a quick-start, single installation for users

Spreadsheet Server for MRI Free Up Precious Time for Analyzing your Blue Link Data

Spreadsheet Server’s efficient and automated approach of linking to your ERP data allows time for the more important aspects of your job. Spend recovered time evaluating and improving every aspect of your business, using the accounting and inventory data gathered.


No Staging Areas or Data Warehousing Needed No Staging Areas or Data Warehousing Needed

There is no need for a data warehouse or staging area with Spreadsheet Server’s Excel-based interface. Our innovative platform uses less to provide more for your Blue Link ERP data.


QueryDesigner QueryDesigner

QueryDesigner is a tool in the Spreadsheet Server platform that enables users to design and maintain queries over Blue Link or any other relational database. Interact with data using pre-built queries, or customize your own, with the help of QueryDesigner.


MRI Reporting Already Working With a Business Intelligence Tool

Your existing BI tool and other applications work side-by-side with Spreadsheet Server. In fact, 50% of Global Software Inc.’s clients, in over 50 different countries, use leading BI tools along with our excel automation tools.


Spreadsheet Server is used by 4500+ customers all over the world...


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