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Spreadsheet Server for use with CGI Advantage® ERP

Live Government Financial & Operational Reporting for CGI Advantage ERP

CGI Advantage is a versatile ERP system designed to meet the specific needs of state and local governments. Spreadsheet Server complements CGI Advantage by providing and intuitive environment for dynamic Excel-based reporting and automation.


Spreadsheet Server for SAP cgi advantage reporing software Live Access to Your CGI Advantage ERP Data Right Within Excel

Optimize your government financial and operational reports with Spreadsheet Server:

  • Increase productivity  – Significantly reduce the time spent on routine tasks, such as closing books, allowing users to accomplish more
  • Leverage your skills – Leverage the Excel skills you already possess when preparing your institution's reports
  • The sky is the limit  – Design simple workbooks to dashboard views of CGI Advantage ERP data with Spreadsheet Server
  • Access any data  – Gather information from multiple databases simultaneously in the same Excel worksheet
  • Drill-down to details  – Automatically drill-down to invoice level views
  • Ace decision-making  – Replace downloading, re-keying and manual manipulation of CGI Advantage ERP balance or transaction level data, revealing better insight
  • Free up IT  – No need to rely on IT to produce or modify reports
  • Narrative reporting – Allow automatic generation of pre-formatted Excel reports in Word, PDF or HTML format
  • Less stressful deployment – Quick-start, single installation for CGI Advantage ERP users

connect to live cgi advantage data No Staging Area or Data Warehouse

A data warehouse, data cube, server or staging is not necessary to run Spreadsheet Server.


cgi advantage reporitng data is safe and secure Security with Spreadsheet Server

Spreadsheet Server uses existing organization-level security from your CGI Advantage ERP.


design custom cgi advantage queries Design Queries

QueryDesigner, a component of the Spreadsheet Server platform, enables users to design and maintain queries over CGI Advantage ERP or any other relational database. Interact with data using pre-built queries or customize with the help of QueryDesigner to design the exact queries your government institution needs.


works side-by-side with existing bi tools Existing Business Intelligence Tool?

Your existing BI tool works side-by-side with Spreadsheet Server.  In fact, 50% of our clients in over 50 different countries use leading BI tools in tandem with our Excel automation tools.


Spreadsheet Server is used by 4500+ customers all over the world...


Technical Requirements

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