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Spreadsheet Server for use with Davisware ERP

Unite the power of Davisware ERP and Spreadsheet Server

Davisware GlobalEdge and S2KVision ERPs serve the HVAC, plumbing, manufacturing, contracting, service, and distribution markets, among others.  Spreadsheet Server works as a complement to Davisware by seamlessly retrieving financial and operational reporting data and dynamically delivering it in real time to Microsoft Excel.


Spreadsheet Server davisware erp reporting softwareEnhance your Davisware GlobalEdge and S2KVision reporting process

Spreadsheet Server provides the reporting enhancement needed for Davisware ERP users to achieve increased ROI, make strategic business decisions quickly and leverage real-time access to data.  Spreadsheet Server delivers:

  • A user-friendly environment - Users are generally very familiar and comfortable with Microsoft Excel, which is used in 98% of all reporting, budgeting, and analysis applications
  • Time and resource savings - Leverage the live access to Davisware ERP data to remove inaccuracies and make existing reporting processes more efficient
  • Drill-down - Review details of account balances, transactions, and journal entry information
  • Auditability - With a solution that delivers Davisware data directly from the source, there’s less of a need for multiple linked cells, workbooks, and spreadsheets, making the auditing process more intuitive and secure
  • Reports in any format - Automatically generate pre-formatted Excel reports in Word, PDF or HTML format
  • A tactical implementation - Able to be deployed in hours with very minimal IT resources required

direct live connection to davisware erp data No Warehouse Required

No staging area, servers or data warehouse are needed to run Spreadsheet Server.  Our application pulls live Davisware reporting data directly.


davisware software data is safe and secure Your data is safeguarded with Spreadsheet Server

Spreadsheet Server leverages Davisware security specifically defined throughout your application allowing peace of mind.


design custom queries for davisware data QueryDesigner

A key component of the Global Software platform, QueryDesigner has the power to translate database queries into formulas used to create interactive Excel worksheets.  QueryDesigner can be simultaneously connected to multiple databases and return live data from different sets into the same Excel worksheet.


use side-by-side with other davisware bi tools Already have a Business Intelligence tool? No problem!

Spreadsheet Server works hand-in-hand with other BI tools in use.  Spreadsheet Server has the capability to provide live access to your data within Excel, without needing a data warehouse, for when you need it most.


Spreadsheet Server is used by 4500+ customers all over the world...


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Case Studies & Articles

This case study of Snack Foods Australia Pty Ltd is based on a February 2018 survey of Global Software, Inc. customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

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