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Spreadsheet Server for use with Foundation®

Build solid reports with FOUNDATION software and Spreadsheet Server

Foundation is a top rated accounting software for the construction industry. Spreadsheet Server provides the missing link to all of your reporting data in Excel.


Spreadsheet Server for SAP Spreadsheet Server Access Real-Time FOUNDATION Construction Data Right within Excel

Easily manage all areas of your construction reporting with enhanced report structures and real-time access to your data:

  • User-Friendly environment – Users generally prefer Excel for reporting, budgeting and analysis tasks, which makes Spreadsheet Server’s interface ideal
  • Save time and resources – Leverage live access to FOUNDATION data to remove inaccuracies and make existing reporting processes more efficient
  • Drill-down – Review details of account balances, transactions, and journal entry information
  • Auditability – With a solution that delivers FOUNDATION data straight form the source, there’s no need for multiple linked cells, workbooks, and spreadsheets, making your auditing process more intuitive and secure
  • Reports how you want them – Automatically generate pre-formatted Excel reports in Word, PDF, or HTML format
  • Tactical implementation – Deploy Spreadsheet Server in a matter of hours with minimal IT resources necessary

Spreadsheet Server for Microsoft Dynamics No Staging Areas or Data Warehousing Needed

No data warehouse, data cube, server or a staging area necessary. Just streamlined access to your FOUNDATION data.


Query Designer Spreadsheet Server Practices Safety First with Your Data

Spreadsheet Server uses company level security from your FOUNDATION ERP, so users cannot access what they should not.



A key component of the Spreadsheet Server platform, QueryDesigner gives you the power to translate database queries into formulas used to create interactive Excel worksheets. QueryDesigner can be connected to multiple databases simultaneously and returns live data from different sets into the same Excel worksheet.


Spreadsheet Server Already Working with a Business Intelligence Tool?

Your existing BI tool or other application works side-by-side with Spreadsheet Server. In fact, 50% of Global Software Inc.’s clients in over 50 different countries use leading BI tools in sync with our Excel automation tools.


Spreadsheet Server is used by 4500+ customers all over the world...


Technical Requirements

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