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Spreadsheet Server for use with Infor

Infor's industry specific ERP software is known to be fully comprehensive with specialized functionality to allow efficient and intelligent work. Spreadsheet Server provides live access to that imperative Infor data from within Excel. Spreadsheet Server can be used with Infor ERP LX, A+, FMS (Infinium), System 21 Aurora, Syteline, XA (MAPICS), 10 ERP Discrete iEnterprise, LN (BAAN), Visual, and SmartStream.


Spreadsheet Server Spreadsheet ServerLive Access to Your Infor ERP Data

Combine the power of Infor and the familiarity of Excel with Spreadsheet Server:

  • Save time – Enjoy more timely report production and reporting tasks, as well as full drill-down capability within specific Infor modules
  • No need to be an Excel expert - Write reports with ease with existing Excel talents
  • Infor module access - Infor reporting in modules such as Financials, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Procurement, and more...
  • Create any report - From making simple reports to creating the most dynamic dashboard views, difficulty building reports becomes a thing of the past
  • Automate your work day – Automatically generate pre-formatted Excel reports in Word, PDF or HTML
  • Reduce IT dependence - Eliminate the burden on IT or super-users to change or edit reports
  • Faster CAFR - Significantly decrease time it takes to prepare your CAFR
  • FRx Successor - An FRx transition solution for reporting from the GL or any other module
  • User friendly - Quick start single installation for Infor users

Spreadsheet Server Do I Need Staging Areas or Data Warehousing?

Spreadsheet Server does not require a data warehouse, data cube, server or a staging area. Just streamlined access to your Infor data.


Data is Secure Your Data is Secure with Us

Security is managed and administered in Spreadsheet Server. It allows security to be replicated to mimic the company level security defined in your Infor application.


QueryDesigner QueryDesigner

QueryDesigner is a user friendly tool within Speadsheet Server which enables users to design and maintain queries over any relational database. These queries can be combined with pre-configured formulas in a single Excel spreadsheet.


QueryExchange Cloud-Based Content

The cloud-based QueryExchange™ gives customers the ability to select from pre-built queries and tailor them to meet their specific needs. Utilized in the QueryExchange™, the SmartPak™ feature is way to group pre-configured queries together. Searching by selecting a SmartPak™ gives users a quick and reliable way to access a group of dedicated pre-defined queries.


Spreadsheet Server Already Working with a Business Intelligence Tool?

That is not a problem. Existing BI tool or other applications currently used works alongside Spreadsheet Server. Over 50% of our clients in over 50 different countries use leading BI tools with our excel automation tools.


Spreadsheet Server is used by 4500+ customers all over the world...


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Accelerate Infor M3 Excel Reporting

Anna Pendrak, Management Reporting Analyst from Alfo Laval, Inc., uses Spreadsheet Server to boos

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Technical Requirements

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