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Spreadsheet Server for use with Jack Henry

Live Banking, Financial, and Operational Reporting Tool for Jack Henry Banking Solutions

Jack Henry Banking helps banks execute business strategies through the use of powerful technology solutions and software platforms. Spreadsheet Server seamlessly integrates with Jack Henry’s SilverLake and 20/20 modules through live access to your banking data from within Excel, helping you accomplish more using less. 


Spreadsheet Server Spreadsheet Server for OracleGet live access to your banking data when you need it most

With Spreadsheet Server, you’ll increase the efficiency of your Jack Henry Banking solutions while saving time and money. In addition, Spreadsheet Server allows you to:

  • Get time back to analyze data – Greatly reduce your time spent building financial and operational reports
  • Start and stay in Excel - The user-friendly environment of Spreadsheet Server enables users to create easy-to-read reports without leaving Excel
  • Choose your format - Generate pre-formatted Excel reports automatically in Word, PDF or HTML format
  • Eliminate manual processes - Create reports faster, without downloading, re-keying, or manual manipulation of data
  • Empower users – Install Spreadsheet Server quickly and easily without requiring help from your IT department

Spreadsheet Server for Oracle No need for staging areas, cubes or data warehouses

Say goodbye to additional steps required to access your data that take up more time, money, and valuable resources. The Spreadsheet Server platform requires less to do more with your Jack Henry Banking data.


Spreadsheet Server for Oracle Security First

By leveraging your existing company security permissions, Spreadsheet Server puts you in control over who can interact with your data.


QueryDesigner Design Jack Henry queries

With QueryDesigner, a tool in Spreadsheet Server for Jack Henry Banking, users can design their own queries for Jack Henry or any other related database. Choose from a library of pre-built queries, or customize your own.


QueryExchange Business Intelligence-friendly

Already using a business intelligence tool? Use Spreadsheet Server side-by-side seamlessly with your BI tool, such as Cognos.


See how you can save time, money, and resources in your day-to-day reporting in Excel.



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