Spreadsheet Server for use with Jenzabar EX & JX ERP

Live Higher Education Financial Reporting Tool for the Jenzabar ERP

Jenzabar is a versatile ERP system designed with higher education institutions in mind.  Spreadsheet Server complements Jenzabar reporting, by providing live Excel-based access to your ERP data.


Spreadsheet ServerLive Access to Your Jenzabar ERP Data Right Within Excel

Optimize your higher education financial, operational, and other reports with Spreadsheet Server:

  • Increase productivity - Significantly reduce the time spent on routine tasks, such as closing books, allowing higher yield
  • You’ve got skills - Leverage the Excel skills you already possess when preparing your institution’s reports
  • The sky is the limit - Design anything… from simple workbooks to dashboard views of Jenzabar data, Spreadsheet Server will help
  • Access any data - Gather information from multiple databases simultaneously in the same Excel worksheet
  • Ace decision-making - Replace downloading, re-keying and manual manipulation of Jenzabar balance or transaction level data, revealing better insight into your institution
  • Free up IT - No longer rely on IT to produce or modify reports
  • Narrative Reporting - Allow automatic generation of pre-formatted Excel reports in Word, PDF or HTML format
  • Smooth deployment - Quick-start, single installation for Jenzabar users

No Staging Area or Data Warehouse

A data warehouse, data cube, server or staging is not necessary to run Spreadsheet Server.

Spreadsheet Server
Data is Secure

Spreadsheet Server is Safe and Secure

Spreadsheet Server uses existing company-level security from your Jenzabar ERP.

Design Queries

QueryDesigner is a tool in the Spreadsheet Server platform that enables users to design and maintain queries over Jenzabar, or any other relational database.  Interact to data with pre-built queries or customize, specifically for your own use, with the help of QueryDesigner.

Spreadsheet Server

Existing Business Intelligence Tool?

Your existing BI tool, or other application, works side-by-side with Spreadsheet Server.  In fact, 50% of Global Software Inc.’s clients in over 50 different countries use leading BI tools in sync with our Excel automation tools.


Spreadsheet Server is used by 3000+ customers all over the world...


Technical Requirements

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