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Spreadsheet Server for McLeod Trucking Software

Live Real-Time Data from your McLeod Enterprise Software

For over 30 years McLeod Software has been building relationships of trust with their powerful transportation management and trucking software solutions. With the help of Spreadsheet Server, McLeod users can access their critical financial data live within Excel.


Spreadsheet Server Spreadsheet ServerAccess your McLeod Financial Reporting Data in Excel

Enhance your reporting structure with Spreadsheet Server:

  • When you need it – Live access to all of your McLeod Financial data within Excel
  • Use your skills - Leverage your existing Excel skills to write reports within minutes
  • Drill-down - Full drill-down capability to your McLeod reporting data
  • Reduce IT dependence - Eliminate requirement for IT or super-users to change reports
  • Easy to create reports – From something simple to dynamic dashboard views, creating reports doesn’t get easier than this
  • Drive business decisions - Replace downloading, re-keying or manual manipulation of McLeod balance or transaction level data with better insights into your organization
  • Keep trucking - With Narrative Reporting users can automatically generate pre-formatted Excel reports in Word, PDF or HTML format
  • Simple installation - Quick start single installation for McLeod users

Spreadsheet Server for McLeod No Staging Area of Data Warehouse

...or data cube, server or a staging area. Just streamlined access to your McLeod data.


Data is Secure Spreadsheet Server is Safe and Secure

Spreadsheet Server uses company-lever security as defined in McLeod, so users cannot access any data they should not.


QueryDesigner Design any Query

Create custom queries within McLeod or any other relational database with the QueryDesigner. Once a query is assembled, the formula output can be inserted into an Excel cell and modified right within the cell besides needing to run additional queries from different sets of data.


QueryExchange Already have an IQ?

Your existing IQ environment works side-by-side with Spreadsheet Server to get your data to you when you need it within Excel.


Spreadsheet Server is used by 4500+ customers all over the world...


Technical Requirements

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