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Spreadsheet Server for use with Thomson Reuters Elite Prolaw®

Live Access to Your Thomson Reuters Elite ProLaw ERP Data

Thomson Reuters Elite ProLaw case management software is designed to automate the practice and management of the business of law, including time entry, billing, and accounting capabilities. Spreadsheet Server connects with ProLaw to deliver unparalleled value with automated reports, drill-down capabilities, and one-click report distribution.


Spreadsheet Server for SAP Spreadsheet Server Live Access to Your Thomson Reuters Elite ProLaw ERP Data

Combine the power of ProLaw and the familiarity of Excel with Spreadsheet Server:

  • Save Time – Enjoy more timely report production and reporting tasks, as well as full drill-down capability within specific ProLaw modules
  • No need to be an expert - Write any report, such as Work in Progress or Billings by Attorney, with ease using existing Excel talents
  • Work with any version of Elite - Use Spreadsheet Server as a data validation solution when upgrading to a new version of ProLaw
  • Better data, better decisions - With instant access to live data, make tomorrow's decisions based on today's data, not last month's
  • Drill down for details - Look deeper into sub-ledger detail on any Elite ProLaw module
  • Automate your workday - Instantly generate pre-formatted Excel reports in Word, PDF, or HTML
  • Reduce IT dependence - Eliminate the burden on IT or super-users to change or edit reports
  • User friendly - Quick start single installation for Elite ProLaw users

Spreadsheet Server for Thomson Reuters Elite ProLaw ERP Do I need staging areas or data warehousing?

Spreadsheet Server does not require a data warehouse, data cube, server, or a staging area. Simply ensure streamlined access to Elite ProLaw and other data sources.


Query Designer Your data is secure with us

Security is managed and administered in Spreadsheet Server to replicate the firm-level security defined in your ProLaw application.


QueryDesigner QueryDesigner

QueryDesigner is a user-friendly tool within Speadsheet Server that enables users to design and maintain queries over any relational database. These queries can be combined with pre-configured formulas and displayed in a single Excel spreadsheet.


Query Designer Cloud-Based Content

The cloud-based QueryExchange™ gives users the ability to select from pre-built queries and tailor them to meet their specific needs. Within QueryExchange™, the SmartPak™ feature groups pre-configured queries together, giving users a quick and reliable way to access a group of dedicated pre-defined queries.


Query Designer Already working with a Business Intelligence tool?

Existing BI tools and multiple other applications currently used work right alongside Spreadsheet Server. More than half of Spreadsheet Server users in over 50 different countries use leading BI tools with Spreadsheet Server.


Spreadsheet Server is used by 4500+ customers all over the world...


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