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Spreadsheet Server for use with Spectrum® Construction Management Software

Real-Time Project Management and Operational Reporting Data from Spectrum Software

Spectrum Construction Software provides business management for construction companies across the lifespan of a construction project. Spreadsheet Server seamlessly integrates with the Spectrum ERP to provide live access to data for reporting and automation within Excel.


Spreadsheet Server for SAP spectrum erp reporting software Access reporting data from any module within Spectrum Software

Streamline your reporting processes across the financials and in areas such as job costing with Spreadsheet Server.

  • Access data when you need it most – Automate Spectrum reporting tasks within Microsoft Excel for higher production and faster report generation
  • More time to analyze data - Leverage the live connection to Spectrum to spend less time manipulating data and more time analyzing
  • Leverage your Excel skills - Use existing Excel knowledge and write reports from simple workbooks to dynamic dashboard views of Spectrum data within minutes
  • Make better business decisions - Replace downloading, re-keying, or manual manipulation of Spectrum data with better insights into your business
  • Access any data – Gather information from multiple databases simultaneously in the same Excel worksheet
  • Drill-down to details - Automatically drill-down to invoice level views
  • Narrative reporting feature - Automatically generate pre-formatted Excel reports in Word, PDF or HTML format
  • Reduce IT dependence  - Eliminate the burden on IT to change or edit reports
  • Seamless implementation - Spreadsheet Server is deployed in a matter of hours and days

connect to live spectrum data No Data Warehouse Needed

No staging area. No server requirement. No data cubes, business or data warehouse needed to run Spreadsheet Server with the Spectrum ERP.


design custom queries over spectrum Design Any Query

Using Spreadsheet Server formulas and adhering to the permissions of the Spectrum user, queries can be initiated from Excel and the results displayed in real time directly in your spreadsheets. QueryDesigner allows users to create dashboard views from any transactional database or Spectrum ERP application to be accessed, automated and presented with our formula-driven methodology.


works beside existing spectrum bi tools What if I already have a Business Intelligence Tool?

Spreadsheet Server is a perfect complement to your existing BI tools.


Spreadsheet Server is used by 4500+ customers all over the world...


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Case Studies & Articles

This case study of Embree Construction Group is based on a September 2016 survey of Global Software customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

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