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Spreadsheet Server for use with Viewpoint Vista Construction ERP

Get Real-time Vista Data From Viewpoint Vista

Viewpoint continues to be a leading ERP for the construction industry. It provides the proper tools required to erect a sturdy frame of support for your team, and Spreadsheet Server provides the finishing touches by allowing users to access live Viewpoint Vista reporting data in Excel.


Spreadsheet Server Spreadsheet ServerEnhance your Viewpoint Reporting in Excel with Spreadsheet Server

Build up your reporting processes across Accounting/HR, Project Management, Project Collaboration, Mobile, Estimating, Content Management and Service Management:

  • Get the data you need in the environment you love – Automated Viewpoint reporting from within Microsoft Excel, allows you to leverage existing knowledge and prepare Viewpoint reports faster than ever
  • Gain valuable time back - Spend less time copying and pasting and more time analyzing with faster report running and full drill-down capability
  • Drill into data - Automatically drill-down to Viewpoint invoice details
  • Empower your users - Eliminate requirement for IT to create or change financial or operational reports
  • Become a report master – Publish any report with executive quality with fully customizable Viewpoint ad hoc reports
  • Faster consolidations - Run reports across all companies without having to "switch" companies
  • Seamless installation - Deploy in minutes or hours instead of days and weeks

Spreadsheet Server for Viewpoint No Staging Area or Data Warehouse Required

Spreadsheet Server does not require a data warehouse, data cube, server or a staging area. Just streamlined access to your Viewpoint Vista data.


Data is Secure With Spreadsheet Server, Your Data is Safe

Spreadsheet Server is a Viewpoint Development Partner. User access is based on company level security, so users cannot access data they shouldn’t.


QueryDesigner Design any Query

Using Spreadsheet Server formulas and adhering to the permissions of the Viewpoint user, Viewpoint Queries can be initiated from Excel and the results displayed in real time directly in your spreadsheets.


Spreadsheet Server for Viewpoint Are You Already Using a Business Intelligence Tool?

Spreadsheet Server works hand-in-hand with any existing BI Tool you may already be working with. Spreadsheet Server leverages a live connection to your data instead of a warehouse to get you your data when you need it the most and all within Microsoft Excel.


Spreadsheet Server is used by 4500+ customers all over the world...


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