Spreadsheet Server for Yardi Property & Real Estate Management Software

Commercial & Residential Real Estate Financial Reporting for Yardi Systems

Yardi's real estate software strives to supply full business solutions for the residential, commercial and investments market. Spreadsheet Server adds efficiency to the Yardi user's environment in the form of dynamic Excel-based reporting and distribution.


Spreadsheet Server Spreadsheet ServerAccess Your Live Yardi Software Reporting Data in Excel

Increase the speed and accuracy of your Yardi system’s financial reporting, property management and operations reporting:

  • Get time back to analyze data – Greatly reduce the time building commercial and residential real estate reports
  • Work in an environment you love - Leverage the Excel knowledge you already have when preparing reports
  • Sensible report creation – The user friendly environment of Spreadsheet Server enables users to create amazing reports right within Excel
  • Reports in any format - Generate pre-formatted Excel reports automatically in Word, PDF or HTML format
  • Upgrade your visibility – Gain more insights into your business by removing downloading, re-keying and manual manipulation of Yardi Software’s balance and transaction level data
  • Empower users – There is no longer any need for IT to make changes to Yardi reports
  • Intuitive deployment - Quick-start today with a single installation for Yardi Software users

Spreadsheet Server No Need for Staging Areas or Data Warehousing of Yardi Reporting Data

No additional environments needed. The Spreadsheet Server platform requires less to provide more for your Yardi reporting data.


Data is Secure Spreadsheet Server for Yardi is Secure

Spreadsheet Server uses company security from your Yardi Software, so users can only access what they already have permission to.


QueryDesigner Design Yardi Queries

QueryDesigner is a tool in the Spreadsheet Server for Yardi platform that enables users to design and maintain queries over Yardi or any other relational database. Take advantage of pre-built queries, or customize specifically for your own use, with the help of QueryDesigner.


Spreadsheet Server Spreadsheet Server is Business Intelligence Friendly

Already using a BI tool? Spreadsheet Server works just as efficiently side-by-side with any business intelligence tool you may already be using. Over 50% of our customers with Spreadsheet Server are using a business tool.


Spreadsheet Server is used by 4500+ customers all over the world...



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