frx reporting replacement steps

FRx Reporting Replacement

FRx Reporting Replacement

What is FRx

Microsoft FRx is a software designed specifically for financial reporting and analysis of ERP data.  FRx was designed to report on General Ledger data inside your ERP system.  The FRx reporting software, used outside of Microsoft Dynamics ERP, is no longer supported.  Because of this, most Dynamics Users see the writing on the wall.  The lack of ongoing support for FRx has caused organizations using MS Dynamics, as well as organizations using multiple other ERP systems, to search for a solid and reliable FRx replacement.


The FRx Replacement

Spreadsheet Server is the perfect FRx alternative as it creates a live and dynamic connection to your ERP data all from inside the familiar confines of Microsoft Excel.  With Spreadsheet Server, users are able to access and report on data inside the GL natively, report on data outside the GL, drill down to subledger details, and connect to multiple data sources simultaneously.  There is no more need for running reports on one system, exporting, and manually re-keying information into a spreadsheet all just for one finalized report.

How Spreadsheet Server has helped others replace FRx:

Charlotte Hornets Basketball, LLC - Reporting tasks that used to take 30 minutes, now take two seconds!

Community Blood Centers of Kansas - Implemented Spreadsheet Server as its FRx replacement in order to integrate multiple databases and save time on reporting tasks and distribution. What once took hours now takes minutes.

Biltmore Companies  - leverages Spreadsheet Server for its ability to not only drill-down by month, but by year-to-date as well. They wanted end-users to not only receive P&L reports, but be able to drill down on data and develop their own ad hoc analysis much more intuitively than they were able to with FRx. 

Benefits of using Spreadsheet Server as an FRx alternative:

  • Live and dynamic access - to your ERP data all from inside the familiar confines of Microsoft Excel
  • No need for an FRx expert - Excel users are empowered to quickly deploy Spreadsheet Server. No proprietary interfaces to learn and FRx subject matter bottlenecks are eliminated!


  • Drill down to any detail - all from within Microsoft Excel for current month data or any other parameter.
  • Convert and leverage existing reporting tree structures - eliminating the need to re-create the tree structures from scratch when switching from FRx to Spreadsheet Server.
  • No need to manually export data - from your ERP system to an external database for reporting.
  • QueryDesigner - Query data from multiple ERPs or databases all from within one Excel spreadsheet.
  • Enhance flexibility and simplify report maintenance - by reading GL hierarchy definitions in Excel