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Spice Up Your Food Distributers Reporting

With consumers continually seeking something new for their taste buds, life in the food and beverage industry is anything but stale. Getting new, high-quality products through your facility quickly is always a focused effort, but keeping track of rising inventories and budgets can make it even more difficult to be the industry’s cream of the crop. On top of that, if data being tracked in your company’s ERP or relational database is not current, closing your books becomes a very tedious process.


Food Service and Beverage Industry Reporting Tool


The ability to consolidate reporting tasks is critical to speeding up this process. But with information such as purchase orders, P&L statements, cost analysis, and budget reports spread across disparate sources, chasing down all the data becomes more work than compiling the report itself.


Because of these factors, flying blind with outdated and inaccurate data in the food and beverage industry is a recipe for disaster.


By enabling you to work with live ERP data directly in Microsoft Excel, Spreadsheet Server automates several tasks within the food and beverage reporting and accounting process, saving you valuable time and resources. Whether you’re creating a budget, tracking inventory, or analyzing costs, the enhanced reporting capabilities of Spreadsheet Server will help you close your books faster.


Use Spreadsheet Server to automate the following reports and more:

  • Financials
  • Inventory control and management
  • Purchase orders
  • Rolling budgets and forecasts
  • Sales orders
  • System management
  • Facilities reports
  • Budgeting

Our customers consistently find that Spreadsheet Server automates their food and beverage reports, KPIs, and benchmarks and revolutionizes the way they do business, resulting in an increase in performance.

  • Coca-Cola Bottling Co. “Spreadsheet Server enables us to perform much more detailed allocations between our departments and it’s intuitive nature has improved our financial reporting and analysis.”
  • Breakthrough Beverage Group “With over 20 companies, standardization of reports was key. When sending out forms we can populate the data before sending to the individuals so they don't have to populate saving the time of high level individuals. When performing the close we can run report live to verify our consolidation/elimination postings making the close more productive.”
  • United Distributors “Spreadsheet Server has helped to streamline the accounting processes, especially in the analysis and budgeting processes.”



Start in Excel, stay in Excel.

With over 50,000 users in 4,500 organizations worldwide, Spreadsheet Server delivers real-time food and beverage industry information directly into Excel from your company’s ERP system or relational database. Using Excel’s familiar interface, eliminate the need for long manual processes, and enable more efficient reporting processes.


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Industry Reporting Tool