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Health Care Industry Financial and Operational Reporting

Give Your Health Care Reporting Environment a Dose of Enhanced Efficiency

Are challenges with accessing and editing static healthcare reporting data from your ERP or EHR leaving you frustrated and feverish? Don’t worry, we have the cure for what ails you. Spreadsheet Server is a dynamic, Excel-based reporting solution for the healthcare industry providing streamlined financial and operational reporting designed to increase your organization’s productivity and efficiency.


Health Care Industry Financial and Operational Reporting


As a healthcare business reporting user, you know effectively managing your organization demands tight oversight to ensure both quality patient care and sufficient margins. You also need up-to-the minute visibility of your financial and operational data. The fast-paced, highly competitive world of healthcare requires that financial reporting managers understand their revenue and costs by location, service line, department, or other organizational structure. Our Excel-based healthcare reporting software solution can help you meet these challenges.


How Spreadsheet Server Enhances your Healthcare Industry Reporting

  • Empowers healthcare organizations with automated financial analysis, healthcare reporting analytics, and KPIs with live data in Excel.
  • Integrates with multiple data systems such as Lawson, Oracle, ECPI, Meditech, etc.
  • Provides powerful drill down capability to sub ledger details
  • Complements BI solutions by giving Excel “power users” live, accurate, real-time data in Excel
  • The ability to share pre-configured content amongst the health care user community 
  • Advanced data visualization tools
  • QStart Installation

Whether your work involves reporting for a hospital system, a university hospital, a research center or healthcare insurance, we can help you save time, increase accuracy and enhance tactical analysis capability. Spreadsheet Server provides secure, real-time access to your ERP or EHR environment within Excel. With full drill down and one-click report distribution, you’ll find that our reporting solution is just what the doctor ordered.


Healthcare Reports You Can Automate with Spreadsheet Server:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Adverse  events/incident reports
  • Automated payroll processing
  • Departmental budgeting
  • Discharge callbacks
  • Patient complaints
  • Employee surveys
  • Enterprise-wide financial reporting
  • General Ledger
  • Generate alerts
  • Materials and facility management
  • Manage vendor payments
  • Payroll
  • Workflow management

Visualize a hospital system that can accurately view the performance of more than 100 hospitals in real-time. Imagine having the capability to drill into the performance of a specific hospital with the touch of your mouse. Picture a healthcare insurance company that effectively utilizes its operational data to better understand which of their products best serve their customers and to determine where resources can be best spent. Spreadsheet Server can help you do all of this and much more.


Our healthcare industry customers give Spreadsheet Server a clean bill of health. Take a look:

  • Baptist Health: "…it gives us real-time access to our data. The other tools that we have do not. It's a manual process to update or can be refreshed overnight."
  • Community Blood Center of Kansas City: "Spreadsheet Server gives us the ability to get at our data and simply create reports in an easily customizable way."
  • Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth Health Systems, Inc: "Spreadsheet Server gives us the ability to update our data automatically. It's been a great tool for our reporting and has significantly saved us time - especially with variance analysis."
  • Torrance Memorial Medical Center: I like the way I can get instant numbers - just by changing a parameter, I get the data I need in seconds. Spreadsheet Server has also shaved a lot of time off of our consolidation process."

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