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Get to the Head of the Class with Automated Excel Reporting

Many institutions struggle with creating actionable insights from static, inaccurate data, especially when annual financial reports have to conform to GAAP standards. Feel like yours are not making the grade? Spreadsheet Server, our Excel-based higher education reporting solution will soon have you feeling like a dean’s list player. Spreadsheet Server has become the defacto standard higher education reporting tool for its ability to provide real-time access to data within your ERP, such as grants and student data…all within Excel.


Higher Education Industry Excel Reporting


Ready to get your questions answered quickly, improve your institution’s data visibility and performance, and save time within the higher education reporting environment? We've assisted many private and public higher education institutions, such as the University of Toledo-Ohio, in streamlining their reporting and eliminating the need to manually export data into Excel. Spreadsheet Server can access data from any area, including finance, accounts receivable, accounts payable, student data and tuition, and on any relational database.


But don’t take our word for it! Hear from some of our customers on how they’ve utilized Spreadsheet Server to revolutionize the way they do business.

  • Johnson & Wales: "Spreadsheet Server stands out because it's in a familiar environment, easily manipulated, so fast and real time. We couldn't live without it!"
  • The University of Toledo: "Spreadsheet Server adds value to our data mining and analytics process. It's simple to get to transactional level detailed reporting all within one screen and source."
  • National Heritage Academies: "Prior to Spreadsheet Server it would take close to an hour to generate a report. Now, with the queries that we built through QueryDesigner, generating those [reports] takes about 5 minutes."

Our higher education reporting tool gets an A+ when it comes to streamlining your reporting processes, providing you with the platform you need to do your job better, faster and with total accuracy.  Take a look at a few examples of reports Spreadsheet Server can automate for you:

  • College transfer reports
  • Financial aid reports
  • Costs and expenditures per student
  • Degrees awarded
  • Enrollment statistics
  • Space use analysis
  • Student demographics
  • Rolling budgets and forecasts
  • Loan officer profitability
  • Monthly performance measures
  • Loans outstanding by class
  • Loan information and loan yields

With Spreadsheet Server you can:

  • Break down all student fees and compare by year
  • Sort all tuition revenue by system and college by term (and a comparison of this data to the prior years)
  • Compare statistical data to financial data to do a cost per student analysis
  • Meet industry standards in the production of NACUBO, IPEDS and 990 reports
  • Drill down capability to journal level detail inside and outside the GL
  • Improve data integrity by connecting directly to the data source

Ready to discover how you can leverage Spreadsheet Server to optimize your higher education reporting environment?



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