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Operational and Financial Reporting for the Oil and Gas Industry

Spark Productivity with Automated Reporting

Still working with static data? Trying to analyze large quantities of information with antiquated reporting systems? You spend the majority of your day dealing with inaccurate reports, report distribution challenges and manual intervention for data entry, all the while wondering if there is a better way. There is! We’ve created an Excel-based automated reporting solution that gets you the results you need faster… better… easier.


Operational and Financial Reporting for the Oil and Gas Industry


With Spreadsheet Server you are able to automate the oil and gas reporting and accounting process, saving you time, resources and manpower. Maintenance reports? No problem. Attribute reporting? We’re on it. Having to complete FERC reporting? Got it. Spreadsheet Server has revolutionized the way the oil and gas industry operates their finance and accounting by streamlining and automating reporting. Our customers have used Spreadsheet Server for reports on Rigs, Operations Repairs, Well production, Work Orders, Fixed Assets, Trends, as well as Injection Levels. Let Spreadsheet Server spark your productivity!


The oil and gas industry is wide open with a diversity of business sizes and services offered. Whether you are a small business or global players, offering drilling and field services, pipeline and refining, to wholesale trade and distribution, there are similar accounting and financial reporting needs.


Spreadsheet Server can help you with the following reports:

  • Balance sheets
  • Profit and loss
  • Cash flow statements
  • Variance
  • Account reconciliation
  • Department & division expenses
  • RIG reports
  • And much more!

Spreadsheet Server provides you with the tools you need to do your job better, faster and with precision accuracy… all in a secure environment. When you seamlessly integrate Spreadsheet Server with your ERP, you get:

  • Dynamic Excel-based access to data from any module
  • Multiple data sources across a variety of ERP platforms (such as Oracle®, SAP®, etc.) blended into one Excel file
  • The cloud-based QueryExchange allows the ERP user community to share pre-configured queries
  • The ability to create any custom queries within your GL or any other relational database
  • A platform that complements a variety of BI solutions
  • A safe and secure work environment
  • Reduced data calculation times by incorporating big data with SMARTcache (ImDB)
  • Enhanced data analysis levering new features in Excel 2016
  • Automated report distribution

Our oil and gas customers have lots of good things to say about Spreadsheet Server and how our Excel-based automated reporting solution has helped them. Take a look!

  • Gate Petroleum: "The ease of working with Spreadsheet Server is the main thing. Since its Excel, I can make any report do, look and generate whatever I want. The flexibility is endless!"
  • Society of Petroleum Engineers: "Once you know the formulas, you are all set. It’s the best money we’ve spent to be able to run reports within Excel."
  • Gresham Petroleum: Gresham has two back end systems that were difficult to report on before Spreadsheet Server. "With the Profile Scheduler, margin reports are sent out daily: inventory reports by production and location, customer aging, truck driver payments, reports by cents per gallon… looks at receipts and shipments are all easy to run. Margins are tighter. I love Spreadsheet Server!"
  • Sinclair: Accounting Department uses Spreadsheet Server for all month-end, quarterly, annual, multi-year reporting and budgets, and to slice and dice all types of data. Sinclair also uses Query Designer to connect to 6+ systems. "Spreadsheet Server makes our processes a one-step process rather than two-step process."
  • Compass Minerals: "Spreadsheet Server adds value to our processes because of its quickness, accuracy, time savings and ease of use. It’s easily learned and incorporated."
  • De Beers: "Spreadsheet Server stands out because it is a quick way to extract data and be efficient."
  • Walker Industries: "If we didn’t have Spreadsheet Server, we would be doing everything manually"

Fired up to get automated with Spreadsheet Server?

Industry Reporting Tool