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Excelogy ltd.

ERP is the industry standard application to handle large volumes and many types of transactions across your entire business. However, due to it’s sheer bulk, Excelogy compare ERP to an oil tanker - unbeatable at handling bulk transactions, but ponderous to change direction or respond to sudden events. This applies equally to information retrieval - huge masses of data need to be filtered and presented in the best format but also require rapid change as your business or your project evolves.

Traditionally, users find themselves in the dilemma of having to fund an expensive, restrictive and time consuming BI project and/or fail to satisfy their information needs. This can be extremely frustrating and leads to poor decision making or additional manual processes.

Excelogy are a UK based company with tens of man years across a range of ERP applications, we provide independent, practical and pragmatic advice on ERP itself and also implement Global Software’s Spreadsheet Server globally, over the web or via our network. Excelogy can allow you to incorporate Live information from your disparate systems in Excel and set up automated routines to refresh and distribute these. Excelogy leverage your existing skills in Excel to provide essential information throughout your ERP experience - during your ERP selection, implementation and operation as well enable an incremental and affordable alternative to a traditional Business Intelligence project.

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Infor, M3, MOVEX and others


ERP Selection and Implementation and Management Reporting

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