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Maack, Kaufmann & Partner

Maack, Kaufmann & Partner

with a team of ten experts, we are providing tailor made solutions for international, medium sized companies. Our areas of expertise are SAP Consulting & Services, Software Solutions, IT Consulting & Monitoring, Controlling Services and Project Management. We are official partners of SAP, IBM and Microsoft. Our product portfolio consists of SAP ERP, SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC), IBM Tivoli Monitoring and our own solution “xls2erp“. This is an innovative solution to post your transaction data securely and easily from every Excel-sheet to SAP. Together with Global Software’s Spreadsheetserver this product enables you to create a fully integrated solution, reading data from a number of sources, doing calculations and posting the results back into SAP – all within Excel.

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Business Applications, Business Processes, Business Automation and Business Optimization

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