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TWC is an Information Systems and Information Technology Company specializing in Business Consulting, Systems Implementation and Technical Consulting focusing largely on SAP solutions. TWC is a Global Organisation offering services in many countries, including South Africa, Australia, and Japan, as well as various multi-national organisations in South Africa.

TWC′s objective is to supply Consulting skills, methodologies and experience similar or superior to that of which the typical, formal consulting market offers.

A further objective is to render the above mentioned services at rates far lower than those of traditional consulting organizations who have the burden of management and other non-value adding overheads.

In summary TWC has a simple Mission Statement in life “We help you achieve yours”. TWC look forward to be of service to your Organisation and is proud to confirm that all of our customers are references.

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Business Consulting, Program and Project Management, Systems selection & Fit, Gap Analysis, SAP GRC, SAP DBM for Auto, Supply of Skilled SAP resources, QA of your SAP Implementations, Systems of Small and Medium Businesses, KNOA UEM, SAP SuPM, Carbon Impact and SAP UEM

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