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Partnership Overview

Welcome to the business partner section of our website!

Global Software, Inc. offers a comprehensive, incentive rich, Partner Program for those organizations that meet the qualifications necessary to promote industry leading Microsoft® Excel-based reporting and automation solutions. 120 organizations across the globe participate in our partnership program, and our solutions are currently used in 60 countries. We are always looking for new partners who have the ability to reach out to their respective user communities and introduce our offerings to them without sacrificing the premium level of service that Global is accustomed to offering its customers and partners.

Currently the Partner Program maintains a strong worldwide presence in the following markets:


Partnership Types

Strategic Partnership

Strategic Partners (SP's) are organizations that have built their ERP practice with expertise and resources capable of executing at a premium level in all aspects of our program. These partners provide the demonstration resource, implementation expertise, and a support mechanism. They also provide Microsoft Excel Automation best practices and consulting to their respective client bases.


Technology Partnership

Technology Partners integrate their existing applications and solutions into the Global Software, Inc. Microsoft Excel Automation platform. We offer specific capabilities to our partners under this partnership for example; Private Label and OEM. Potential candidates for this type of partnership must qualify and meet certain criteria.


Referral Partnership

Referral Partners are a select group of vendors that work with us and specifically focus on helping identify and generate new leads and customer referrals for our direct sales force. Partners who identify and refer net-new business opportunities are eligible to earn referral fees.




Benefits of Partnership

We have a partner centric philosophy, and we’re committed to your success…
Global Software, Inc. values our committed base of strategic worldwide partners. Global’s partner team has combined over 80 years of experience in business development and strategic alliances. We have a proven track record of very high success rates with our partners as we prepare them to tackle their customers’ reporting challenges. You will find our Partner team flexible, professional, and most importantly we will customize our partnership to meet the needs of you and your customers.

Review some of the benefits of joining our partnership program:

  • 24x7x365 Support – 'live' support for Partners and customers worldwide
  • Seamless Deployment – up and running in 48 hours, or less
  • Rapid Sales Cycle – an average of 60 days to close
  • Competitive Revenue Opportunities – license sales, with option for services and maintenance revenues, based on partnership commitment level
  • Intuitive learning curve – 90% of Fortune 1000 companies use Microsoft® Excel.
  • Sales and Product Training Videos – initial sales training can be performed via onsite or WebEx™
  • Marketing Services – customized marketing programs are provided to assist partners Copies of Software – to be provided based on partnership commitment level
  • Demo and WebEx Assistance – individual and group demos provided as needed, with customized html invitations and option for Global to handle distribution and registration
  • Tradeshow/Conference Participation – Global staff is available to assist in performing presentations and participate in events with partners as requested
  • Case Studies – co-developed case study programs with partners
  • Customer References – can be used on any ERP platform and in any region of the globe based on request
  • Access to practice directors - for functional and technical assistance on specific industries and ERPs

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