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Attends Healthcare Group Chooses Global Software, Inc.’s Spreadsheet Server for use with Oracle®

For Immediate Release - Tue, 2013-08-20

Attends Healthcare Group

London, United Kingdom

Global Software, Inc., the official author of the Automation Road Map Strategy™ and the number one provider of Microsoft® Excel-based automation and analysis tools to the leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms, announces today that Attends Healthcare Group, headquartered in Sweden, has selected Global's Spreadsheet Server for use with Oracle® powered by the QueryExchange™. Spreadsheet Server works as an intuitive Microsoft® add-in providing live reporting and analysis from Oracle into Excel. This empowers end users with the ability to use familiar Excel features and functions to create dynamic dashboard views from Oracle. These views can be accessed, automated and presented with our formula driven methodology, including summary balances and detailed drill-downs. The cloud-based QueryExchange™ component of Spreadsheet Server enables user organizations to select and tailor pre-built queries to meet their specific needs. Utilized in the QueryExchange™, the SmartPak™ feature is way to group pre-configured queries together. Searching by selecting a SmartPak™ gives users a quick and reliable way to access a group of dedicated pre-defined queries. In addition, Spreadsheet Server has the ability to dynamically access the following modules: Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Fixed Assets, Inventory, Projects, OPM and more. Attends will also leverage the Distribution Manager utility, which empowers users to automate the delivery of key business information.

Attends Healthcare Group offers an extensive range of light, moderate and severe disposable and specialist incontinence products for care givers and consumers. Significant factors in the continued progress of the company are a world class manufacturing facility, efficient customer service and logistics support, the strength of the Attends brand and the company's ability to tailor leading-edge absorbent technologies to improve the product offering to consumers and care givers.

To learn more visit the Attends Healthcare Group website.



Amy Collier, Director of Marketing Communications and Strategy

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