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DW Reporting enters Global Software, Inc.’s Worldwide Certified Partner Channel to Offer Global’s Microsoft® Excel- Based Automation Solutions

For Immediate Release - Wed, 2013-08-21

DW Reporting

Global Software, Inc., the No. 1 provider of Microsoft® Excel-based automation and analysis tools to the leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms, announces that DW Reporting a successful provider of IT consulting and support services to the Professional Services Market, has joined the Global Software, Inc.(GSI) worldwide certified partner channel.

With the new partnership, DW Reporting will add Spreadsheet Server Powered by the QueryExchange™ into its portfolio of services which is highly focused on supporting the Professional Services Market. Spreadsheet Server, Powered by the QueryExchange™ works as an intuitive Microsoft® add-in providing live financial and operational reporting directly from Practice Management Systems into Excel. This empowers end users with the ability to use familiar Excel features and functions to create dynamic dashboard views. These views can be accessed, automated and presented with our formula driven methodology, including summary balances and detailed drill-downs. The cloud-based QueryExchange™ component of Spreadsheet Server enables user organizations to select and tailor pre-built queries to meet their specific needs. Spreadsheet Server enhances the financial and operational user experience all while leveraging the significant investments made by the customer in the Microsoft suite of products.

“Spreadsheet Server is great solution for the Professional Services Market and given the extensive industry experience of DW Reporting we are able to see a huge amount of potential for a solution such as this in this sector. Traditionally the professional services sector and especially the legal sector has been challenged by automated, efficient and quick reporting of key business metrics, specifically around General Ledger reporting such as P&L's and Balance Sheets. Working with Global Software is an exciting opportunity for us, and as we continue to invest and grow the value behind our services for the benefit of our customers, both current and future” it is strategic partnerships like this that will ultimately contribute to our success, said Dan Wales, Managing Director and Founding Partner.

“The addition of DW Reporting to our worldwide partner channel affords us excellent capability to scale and deliver our innovative and leading solutions into this Professional Services sector. If we can continue to help transform the way finance and operational business users interact with their systems and data via Microsoft Excel as we have done in other key industries then this will be a fantastic partnership for us. I truly am delighted to be able to partner with DW Reporting, The team is highly committed, incredibly well experienced and perhaps most importantly they have spent time in the field working with and amongst the top global law firms. As a result of this they naturally understand the challenges which support this opportunity. Finally, we are off to an excellent start with a number of events planned throughout September and October and I look forward to continuing to work hand in hand with the team in Europe and beyond,” said Fergus van Niekerk, Director International Business at Global Software, Inc.

ABOUT DW Reporting

DW Reporting ( is an independent finance systems and reporting consultancy. Specialising in practice management software and reporting/BI solutions within the professional services industry. Based in London, UK DW Reporting serves core areas of Finance and IT Consultancy, Financial Reporting and Project Management.

In today's rapidly evolving regulatory and technical environments, DW prides itself on being able to utilise extensive in-depth industry knowledge to provide clients with first-class business and technical consultancy services.



Amy Collier, Director of Marketing Communications and Strategy

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