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Huntsville Utilities Selects Global Software, Inc.’ s Spreadsheet Server for use with SAP®

For Immediate Release - Mon, 2015-11-02


Global Software, Inc., the innovative leader of Microsoft® Excel-based automation and reporting tools to the leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms,announces today that Huntsville, Alabama based company, Huntsville Utilities, has selected Global's Spreadsheet Server for use with SAPt® powered by the QueryExchange™. Spreadsheet Server works as an intuitive, Excel based reporting platform, providing live financial and operational reporting and analysis from SAP into Excel. This empowers end users with the ability to use familiar Excel features and functions to create dynamic dashboard views from SAP. These views can be accessed, automated and presented with our formula driven methodology, including summary balances and detailed drill-downs. In addition, the Huntsville Utilities will leverage the Distribution Manager publishing utility, which empowers users to automate the delivery of key business information.

Huntsville Utilities brings value to the community by efficiently delivering utility services by way of water, gas and electric. Water sources derive from the Tennessee River and is then treated in accordance with rules and regulations determined by the Alabama Department of Environmental Management and the EPA. Supply for gas is produced on and offshore, with two major pipelines transporting it to Huntsville Utilities for distribution. The Tennessee Valley Authority provides electricity, which is distributed through Madison County. More information can be found at


Global Software, Inc. is the leading provider of Microsoft Excel-based automation & reporting software solutions to enhance the world’s foremost Business Intelligence (BI), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and operational platforms. The Company’s flagship offering, Spreadsheet Server streamlines data analytic processes and bridge the operational gap between Company data and reporting, resulting in timely and cost saving secure financial and operational reporting, budgeting, and automated report delivery. With best-in-class solutions, their Dynamic Spreadsheet Methodology (DSM), a highly scalable and efficient operating platform, and a strong track-record of success, Global Software, Inc. has grown to be the most dominant provider in Excel automation and data analysis. Spreadsheet Server is at the center of converging trends – supremacy of Microsoft Excel, demand for reporting, growth in the business automation software industry, and increased investment in IT. Founded in 1973, with worldwide headquarters in the Research Triangle region of North Carolina, USA, Global’s products are used in 50+ countries, by over 2,500 supported customers, 50,000 users worldwide who are serviced by Global’s 24/7/365 support infrastructure.



Amy Collier, Director of Marketing Communications and Strategy

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