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New partnership between Global Software and Direct Loans Lenders

For Immediate Release - Wed, 2015-12-16

Global Software, Inc. is happy to announce that it has formed a partnership with Direct Loans Lenders. The company is the owner a promoter of best practices in online lending operations. Global Software provides IT consulting services and helps with automation solutions. DirectLoansLenders.Com, on the other hand, offers online loan matching services to anybody looking to borrow money in a safe online environment. The strategic collaboration between these two companies will bring lots of benefits to the final users. In a world of digital operations and online services, providing the best protection and IT solutions is a must.

DirectLoansLenders.Com will benefit from Global Software’s expertise in processing operational and financial data and apply the high-tech solutions in its relationship with the customers. Keeping sensitive data safe is mandatory nowadays when the convenience of online shopping for goods and services cannot be ignored. Therefore, a provider of online services like Direct Loans Lenders needs to be one step ahead of any attempts to steal or corrupt personal information.

Direct Loans Lenders customers will feel safe when borrowing money online. The company is always updating all of the software, firewalls and any protection programs. Global Software is happy to join DirectLoansLenders.Com in its mission of taking the best possible care of its customers and ensuring the new ones that online loans are safe.


Global Software Inc. is a worldwide known provider of IT consulting services. The company assists its customers with automation solutions, enterprise resource planning, and operational programs. The company’s platforms have reached businesses from over 60 countries, with a total number of customers of 4,500 and 75,000 users from all over the world. With a history that goes back to 1973, Global Software is close to reaching the half-a-century threshold, being one of the most experienced companies in the domain on the entire planet.

ABOUT Direct Loans Lenders

Direct Loans Lenders - an online loan matching service that connects a borrower with the most suitable lender. The company works exclusively with trusted direct lenders, keeping any attempts of scams out of business. Before starting working with Global Software, they were already managing the online operations with the help of advanced software. All that targeted protecting the confidential information. Now, that Global Software will be sharing its expertise with Direct Loans Lenders, the security level will considerably increase, and the customers will be safer than ever.