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Enterprise Budgeting allows Unaka Corporation better access to their data to make secure changes for multiple locations on multiple platforms, as well as perform consolidations within their budget reporting

Spreadsheet Server.allows Unaka Corporation to make secure changes to their budget reporting

Raymond Spears, Director MIS, Unaka Corporation, explains how Global Software Inc.'s suite of products allows them to review and make changes to their budgeting reports quickly and securely at the corporate level using Enterprise Budgeting and then distribute those reports to the various divisions of Unaka using Distribution Manager. The various divisions can then review and make changes to the reports in a secure manner. Raymond was also extremely impressed by the ease of implementation of Global's suite of products. Within three days Unaka had their old spreadsheets converted and documented and were able to pull data directly from their ERP system into Enterprise Budgeting prior to distributing with Distribution Manager!