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ERP Reporting Software - Metromont saved 10 hours with Spreadsheet Server ERP Excel Reports

ERP Reporting Software - Metromont saved 10 hours with Spreadsheet Server ERP Excel Reports

Jim Hutcheson, Systems Manager from Metromont Corporation in Greenville, SC discusses how Spreadsheet Server has helped automate their ERP Reports.  Spreadsheet Server now acts as their ERP Reporting Software saving them time, money, and resources.  Listen to the video as he describes how QueryDesigner, a feature of Spreadsheet Server, saved their company 10 hours on 1 report!

What used to take hours in your ERP now takes minutes with Spreadsheet Server.  Global Software, Inc.’s Spreadsheet Automation Suite completely automates the process of retrieving, reporting, and distributing ERP data throughout the enterprise.


I think the biggest thing is that we wanted something in a program that our users would be familiar and comfortable with.  For us, and I think for a lot of users, that’s Excel.  We really wanted Excel to be the cornerstone of the reporting environment. 

Spreadsheet Server just has such a great fit in Excel.  You’re able to easily drill-down and look at information.  You are able to re-group and re-sort it.  You have so many options with Spreadsheet Server that the users can kind of “self-learn” it and there is not a big learning curve like other products.  The ease-of-use was a big selling point for us.

We have a product that we use for our manufacturing process called Concrete Vision.  Because that’s a SQL database, we are able to use Spreadsheet Server to write queries and return that data into Excel so our managers can look at labor, tickets, and different factors in Excel along with the Viewpoint ERP data.  Along with time and attendance, we are also looking our hours and how we are doing against budget.  We use Spreadsheet Server for that too.

In the past we have used Power Pivot.  The capabilities are there.  That’s the beauty.  It’s all in Excel.  So any add-ins you use with Excel, Spreadsheet Server is just another add-in and they can play together.  That’s the thing we like so much about it.

It’s amazing when the managers out in the field can drill-down into their own information and then they are able to take action on that data.  The day that they are looking at the report, they can drill-down and see where the invoice was that created the problem.  They can deal with it right then rather than getting a paper report, looking through it, making notes, forgetting about dealing with it.  It is more interactive.  I see the problem.  I can talk to the person or deal with the problem right then.  They drill down while they are looking at an issue into the sub-ledger information.  That’s more interactive in helping them solve and answer their questions.

We had a financial analyst set up a dashboard for us.  It is basically a spreadsheet with a lot of different graphs showing:

• How much we have poured in concrete month-to-date

• How much cash we have coming in

• The outflow of cash

• Etc.

During the Query Design training, we were able to take one of those charts he did and just replicate it real quickly in QueryDesigner.  That saved about 10 hours right there.

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Spreadsheet Server automates the entire process of ERP Reporting.  While there are many ERP Reporting Software options, Spreadsheet Server allows the flexibility of being able to connect and report on any ERP system that allows an ODBC connection.  It is even capable of pulling data from multiple data sources and consolidating that data into one report.